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    Dijing Assists Police in Anti-fraud Publicity
    Release time:2021-06-04      Click:50

    Recently, there have been constant media reports that criminals cheat others by means of Internet and SMS. In order to protect the property safety of the owners and further enhance the owners' awareness and understanding of fraud, Dijing City Project took decisive action and cooperated with the police to do publicity on fraud prevention on the for the owners March 20th.

    The purpose of this publicity activity is to publicize the importance of preventing the fraud on network, telecommunication and SMS to community owners, and to explain the harm of various kinds of fraud to community residents and shops along the street through home visit and publicity. The launch of this anti-fraud publicity campaign is an important work for our property workers to fulfill their management responsibilities and obligations and provide property safety education services. Through this activity, the owners have not only enhanced their identification of various fraud means, and improved their awareness of risk prevention, but also drew closer the relationship between the owners and the property. Moreover, the activity was highly praised by the owners.

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