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    Golden Coast Hotel Carried out the First-quarter Fire Safety Training
    Release time:2021-06-04      Click:44

    In order to further implement the requirements of the Group on safety production, improve the fire safety awareness of all staff of the hotel and promote the popularization of fire safety knowledge of the hotel and employees, the hotel invited the instructor of Juan Fire Propaganda Center in Xuzhou to carry out the first-quarter fire safety training in accordance with the annual fire safety training plan and the Golden Coast Hotel Fire Safety Activity Plan in the afternoon of March 30.

    The instructor has broadcast the fire and accident cases video in recent years, and further vividly expounded the importance of popularizing fire safety knowledge and improving fire safety awareness. In class, the instructor focused on the vivid explanation of fire prevention, fire fighting, escape and self-help, and introduced the development of fire behavior before and after the fire, and the methods and key points of self-help; the instructor also expounded and demonstrated how to adopt the correct fire extinguishing method and choose the appropriate fire-extinguishing equipment. Through this training, all the staff further improved their fire awareness and got good command of basic fire safety knowledge and fire fighting skills.

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