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    Mayor Cao of Pizhou Led A delegation to Zhaoba Placement to Hold An On-site Observation Meeting
    Release time:2021-06-04      Click:46

    At 15:00 p.m. on March 11, Mayor Cao of Pizhou City led a delegation to Zhaoba Placement to hold an on-site observation meeting to give relevant guidance to people's livelihood placement, home care services, property services, etc.

    Zhaoba Placement Project is a large-scale livelihood project in Pizhou City, which is related to the moving-back of more than 1000 households. Zhang Tao, the Project Manager, arranged professionals to give a detailed introduction to the planning, greening construction, supporting facilities, property services, etc. of the community.

    "We should transform our community into a big family, and introduce convenient services, cultural homelands, Party and masses services into the community, so that the basic living that residents need can find a place in the community." Mayor Cao spoke highly of the meeting.

    Next:The No. 36 building, No. 37 building and No. 38 building in Section A, which belongs to the third phase of Dong Fang Ming Jun Construction Project, have passed fire prevention test.


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