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    Chairman of the Group Inspected and Guides the Work of Dongfang Port
    Release time:2021-06-04      Click:43

    In the morning of March 18, 2021, Liu Guomin, Chairman of the Group, without pomp, visited the port for inspection and guidance, and held a forum. After listening to the report, the Chairman gave clear instructions on the current work and the next goal of the port.

    The Chairman pointed out that the implementation of environmental protection measures and the construction of a green port are not only in response to the policy call of the competent authorities, but also the needs of the sustainable development of the port, as well as the needs of Dongfang Group. After the completion of the project, it is a necessity to continue to do a good job in the follow-up maintenance of the greening project. At the same time, the port should increase the hardening area of the freight yard, maximize the usable area of the freight yard, meet the needs of the port to expand production and operation, and lay the foundation for making Dongfang Port bigger and stronger.

    The Chairman required that the first was to make great efforts to do a good job in production and operation management, and constantly develop new customers, especially big customers; second, the management personnel should be able to do more than one job, and should put heads together to provide good service for customers in the work; third, financial personnel was required to actively participate in operation and management, and use figures to guide production and operation; the fourth was to do a good job in safe production to ensure production safety; fifth, it was necessary to fully tap the market potential, expand self-operated projects, vigorously cultivate the container market, and make the Dongfang Port bigger and stronger, so as to ensure the completion of and strive to exceed this year's work target.

    Finally, the Chairman stressed that the work of the port should strictly implement the Group's norms and processes, and the awareness of norms and processes should be enhanced.

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